Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals acquire, preserve and restore up to 50% of the remains Torres Strait pearling luggers.

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Preservation & Restoration


Current Status

Only 14 historic Torres Strait Pearling luggers are believed to exist from the hundreds that once worked the pearl beds of Torres Strait and Cape York. The Pearl Lugger Heritage Fleet has rescued 4 of these 14 with a further three under negotiation,



The next step is to develop a plan and budget for the restoration. Each vessel can expect a minimum budget of $250,000 for the acquisition and preservation with the likes of ANTONIA A99 already exceeding $400,000 and TRITON A82 exceeding $330,000 in restoration costs.



The long and hard road to recovery. What was expected to be a 12 week renovation has become a 12 month full restoration. However the likes of TRITON A82 will now last for future generations.